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UK Train System Cross-platform .NET Plugin for openBVE


On this page, you can download a new UK Train System cross-platform .NET plugin (UkTrainSys) designed for use with UK trains developed for openBVE. The inspiration behind the development of this plugin, is odakyufan's plugin for his Chashinai Railway project, as well as Simon Gathercole's previous generation of UKXXx.dll range of plugins for BVE 4. This new plugin is designed specifically for openBVE and written in C#, is cross-platform compatible, features the functionality of diesel and electric trains in a single assembly, and will feature more sophisticated simulation once the project develops further. This new plugin is also open source, as well as being released into the public domain.

Please note that this project is ongoing. An alpha version of the plugin is available below, complete with source code. This alpha version is not perfect, and is intended primarily for testing and feedback from train developers, but anyone is welcome to give it a try, and non-Windows users of openBVE can also now benefit from plugin functionality with UK electric and diesel multiple units (to begin with).

Further Information

Preview image This plugin is designed to be modular, and aims to simulate the major systems found in a range of UK trains in a realistic way, including the Automatic Warning System, Train Protection and Warning System, Driver Reminder Appliance, the Vigilance Device, and so-on. A simple AI guard is included, along with AI Support, which enables the plugin to assist openBVE's built-in AI human driver in automatically handling systems simulated by the plugin. Animations relating to the AI driver's interactions with cab controls are supported, as well. A range of power supplies are also simulated, including a battery, overhead supply, and a diesel engine. Other features, such as windscreen wipers and failure modes, will follow later.

Trains which use Simon Gathercole's UKMUt.dll, or UKSpt.dll, can use UkTrainSys.dll instead, although some configuration changes may be necessary with the train in question (especially with regard to the guard's buzzer).

If you are an openBVE train developer and decide to use the UkTrainSys plugin, then if you wish, you can contact me to let me know, and I can then let you know whenever the plugin is updated. The development of this plugin is an ongoing project, and sometimes I might make changes which require your train to be updated, if you want to use the latest version of the plugin. I'm not able to develop your train for you, but if a change to the plugin means that your train needs to be updated in order to continue working correctly, you can contact me for assistance, or I can make any configuration changes for you, if necessary. smiley

Current feature summary: Planned feature summary:

Icon Plugin (C# source code and documentation included):
» UK Train System cross-platform .NET plugin [80.2 KiB]
     - Mostly compatible with trains using UKMUt/UKSpt.dll (and UKDt.dll)
     - Note: Requires suitable configuration files, found below

Configuration files for trainsimcentral trains:
» TSC Class 153 DMU
» TSC Class 156 DMU
» TSC Class 158 DMU
» TSC Class 170 DMU
» TSC Class 220 DMU
» TSC Class 323 25kV EMU (including 3D cab add-on)
» TSC Class 390 25kV EMU

» UkTrainSys / class 323 3D cab test routes
     - Note: Requires Cross-City South v1.31.11 to be installed

You can also read the included documentation by clicking here.

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