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UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library for openBVE


On this page, you will be able to download the UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library project, designed for openBVE, once it is released.

Please note that this project is currently in development. This is a new project which will form an essential dependency and shared library for my other route projects, and for other UK routes as well. Various objects in the library will take advantage of numerous features and capabilities provided by the modern, open source openBVE simulator. You can follow progress with the project as it's being developed, via the Blog

Further Information

Preview image The downloads will be presented below when released. This collection of objects and textures will form a shared library resource, which all openBVE route projects will call upon. This library will also be free for anyone to use or reference via their own projects, so any other route will also be able to call upon the UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library, making life much easier for developers, while also potentially reducing the size of UK based route downloads because there won't be so many duplicated files. This library will be maintained, and any route calling upon the library will also benefit from any enhancements made to the library's objects or textures.

Planned features:

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ยป UK Railway Infrastructure Object Library [?? MiB]
     - Not released yet!

Content last updated: 10th April 2019